All your videos in one place with
smart tagging to aid collaboration

Platform Overview

Fully intuitive, our platform is easy to use and the perfect way to collaborate and share video content with colleagues.

Department Video Wall

Organise your content by department and store relevant videos on each department’s wall. You can choose who sees and uses each video. You can choose who can view and use each video.

Each department will only see content relevant to them, making searching for exactly what they need easy and efficient.

Events Video Wall

Allow all content to be posted to one wall for a specific event and grant access to whoever needs it. This keeps the videos for each event in one place where anyone can download them without having to spend time emailing or calling colleagues to find clips.

Your Videos

Any video you have worked on will be on your wall. Tag them to make them easy to search for in the future. Revisit and reuse video content at any time. It's easy to share or send video content directly to your social media channels straight from your wall.

Moderate Live

Live chat means you can submit comments at any time, from anywhere. Add your Brand, Marketing or Compliance teams allowing them to submit comments, chat live and send approvals to you. All live chat is captured as a permanent record of your online conversation for easy auditing.

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